Hellenic U-Space Intitute

Member of the EUROCONTOL European network of U-space stakeholders

Founding member of JEDA - The Joint European Drone Association

About Us

The Hellenic U-Space Institute is a pioneering non-governmental organisation targeted towards the advancement of urban air mobility and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Greece. The establishment of the Institute covers the large breadth of issues; promoting the ongoing practical development of this innovative technology, the standardisation of regulations and facilitation of understanding of the newly emerging  legislative environment upon which relevant parties are called to operate and fostering positive relationships between industry professionals and the public, who are ultimately the intended beneficiaries of the development, being just a few.

About Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

Urban Air Mobility is a new air transportation system for passengers and cargo in and around densely populated and built environments, made possible by vertical take-off and landing electric aircraft (eVTOL) equipped with new technologies such as enhanced battery technologies and electric propulsion. These aircraft will have a pilot on board or be remotely piloted

SAFIR Med Project

The SAFIR-Med project’s vision is to achieve safe, sustainable, socially accepted and socially beneficial urban air mobility. SAFIR-Med represents all value chain actors and stakeholder as either project partner (ATC, USPs, Operators, UAS Manufacturers, cities) or formal associate partner (major customers, technology & service providers) at a representative international level. Five unmanned UAV platforms (passenger eVTOL, Hydrogen fuel cell VTOL, AED medical drone, X8 medical transport) will be combined with manned aviation in real life exercises validating technology in real urban environment.

U-space testing center

u-space testing center

Messologi Airport – Hellenic Droneport

Hellenic Drone port is a testing centre and functioning drone port for autonomous aerial systems with multiple and differentiated internal / external test zones in Europe. It offers support to freelancers, universities and companies to try new technologies by performing flights safely and comfortably through the high standard facilities of the airport.

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