About Us

Who We Are

The Hellenic U-Space Institute is a pioneering non-governmental organisation targeted towards the advancement of urban air mobility and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in Greece. The establishment of the Institute covers the large breadth of issues; promoting the ongoing practical development of this innovative technology, the standardisation of regulations and facilitation of understanding of the newly emerging  legislative environment upon which relevant parties are called to operate and fostering positive relationships between industry professionals and the public, who are ultimately the intended beneficiaries of the development, being just a few.

Our Aim

It is the aim of the Institution to independently advance as well as support partners to the purpose of achieving safe, sustainable, socially accepted and socially beneficial Urban Air Mobility. The technology, industry experience and diverse background of all partners forms valuable input in this developing field and will be leveraged to make use of the maximum number of U-Space services towards the highest possible operational safety level. This collaboration under the auspices of the Institute will enable involved local authorities, industry partners and natural persons to get acquainted with their role in U-space management, keep up with relevant regulatory changes and foster an environment of continuous growth.

Our Goals

The goal of HUSI is the development of procedures and operations for drones at an urban scale.  Our vision is to build and promote a sustainable U-Space environment by enhancing drone path analysis, researching and developing battery consumption minimization technology, being an active contributor in the architecture and design of Urban Air Traffic Management, supporting and furthering the standards and regulations through which a healthy Urban Air Mobility ecosystem will be defined.

Our Core Values

High standards of professionalism, fostering an environment of common growth through offering memberships and pursuing collaborative partnerships, as well as a commitment to sustainability and social progress and inclusion are the main ideological pillars that define the work carried out by HUSI.